This trip to Brazil has been transformative, it has been a great chance to catch with family and friends but so much more. I also had an ulterior motive – taking this opportunity to learn more about ancestral fermentation drinks. Some from the Amazon, my father’s homeland and some from farther afield. After my batteries […]

First and foremost, here are sincere apologies for the radio silence… It has been a while since I had a chance to write to you. There has been a lot going on at Get Pickled HQ in these last couple of months. I went from being completely out of action with a shoulder injury to […]

Oh wow, March turned out to be a month of highs and lows at Get Pickled HQ! First of all, I am sorry for once again being so late with my updates – March turned out to be a very tricky month at Get Pickled HQ, for sure . . . I was absolutely blown […]

Wow this month has been busy! Between workshops, my birthday, a holiday in India and half term in India it has been quite eventful. In late January we had the first of our Masterclasses, which was fantastic experience. This week we have just completed the Koji Masterclass too which was a phenomenal success. I cover […]

Happy New Year! I hope everyone came through the festive season unscathed . . . For us at Get Pickled HQ, December was totally hectic. We had a run of lovely Christmas sales and markets, a successful series of festive ferments and happy customers all around! This much activity sadly meant that I was hit […]

Hello everyone, can you believe that Christmas is just around the corner? Here at Get Pickled HQ we are winding down for the winter after a silly busy month of markets, Christmas pop-ups and workshops. It has been a flurry of production to be able to stock up for the festive season. We had fantastic […]

In late September I had the chance to go to Brazil for a quick visit to the family. It is funny how the place where you form your first memories can bring out so much inspiration. I had not had the chance to spend much time at home since starting Get Pickled in 2020 (I […]

Hey! I hope you are having a lovely week. One of the main reasons I started Get Pickled was to connect with this beautiful land, to this part of the world and to really think and change the way we look at and consume food. Surplus and upcycling is at the heart of my mission. The […]

While Paula loves creating and experimenting in her kitchen, finding new fusions of foraged and surplus produce, a key part of Get Pickled is her fermentation workshops. An inveterate learner- herfather says she cannot take on any new hobby or skill without treating it as a Masters degree or a PhD – Paula is a […]

From waste to taste -award-winning fermented food creator and educator For Paula Neubauer, the love affair with fermentation began when a friend gave her some water kefir grains. The Brazilian globetrotter and food aficionado was immediately hooked, fascinated by this chemical and alchemical aspect of cooking. What was an enjoyable hobby, however, developed into a […]