Beet Kraut



Just beet it, sauerkraut! Kraut is back – and he’s changed colour… Not only that, but he tastes different.

Our take onsauerkraut is something you 100% do not want to miss. Using (you guessed it!) beetroot as one of the key ingredients, brings a deep, luxurious purple colour – a highlight on any plate. Why beetroot? Because it was in the right place, at the right time. On discovery of this surplus of a bumper crop of earthy, girthy flavour-bombs from the a neighbour, we consulted our exotic three-storey spice cupboard and devised a plan to recreate a Central European staple, with a South-Asian facelift. Devour it with avo toast, any kind of egg, or after scattering throughout a homemade burrito.




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